Waterland Investment Services is a private investment management firm established in 1998 and based in The Netherlands. The company is fully independent and is owned by its partners.
With a team of experienced investment managers, supported by seasoned professionals, Waterland Investment Services provides asset and fiduciary management services to an exclusive international client base of high net individuals and small to midsized institutions.
The investment team has in-house core disciplines but also works together with external asset managers for specialty needs. Our team of professionals has an average of twenty years experience and a background in institutional asset management, private banking, wealth management and treasury.

Waterland Investment Services is registered as an asset manager with the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM) and is supervised by the Dutch Central Bank (De Nederlandsche Bank NV)
Privacy policy
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Consumer letter
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Remuneration policy
Waterland's remuneration policy has a long-term focus and is aimed at serving the needs of our clients. Employees, management and partners are entitled to a fixed salary only. Management may decide to supplement the fixed salary with a maximum of one month's pay when the following criteria have been met: (1) the employee has shown sufficient effort, and (2) the employee has scored well on Waterland's quality criteria at the annual performance review, and (3) Waterland's financial results allow for payment. Waterland applies legal rules on remuneration policy in a way that fits her size and internal organization as well as the nature, scope and complexity of her services.